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For those who suffer from alcoholism, it can be very hard to admit they have a problem and find the help they need. Addiction has both physical and psychological effects on the brain. Alcoholism treatment is the best option for many addicts who are incapable of ending the cycle of alcohol abuse on their own. There is no magical fix to treat addiction, and it cannot be cured. It requires a long, and concentrated effort to reach long-term sobriety. Alcoholism treatment comes in a variety of options, and each person requires a different type of treatment approach depending on their specific needs and situation.

The first step to getting alcoholism treatment is recognizing and acknowledging that there is a problem. It is important to know the warning signs of alcohol abuse and when it may be time for alcoholism treatment. If you're struggling to overcome alcohol addiction in Bayonne, NJ, call Alcoholism Treatment Center Bayonne for the tools of recovery. (201) 620-9157

There's a double standard when it comes alcohol addiction and the abuse of drugs like heroin or cocaine. First of all, it is socially acceptable to drink. The stigma of being a heroin addict does not translate to someone who drinks until they become a danger to themselves and others. Drunk driving records show that approximately 18,000 people die each year from alcohol related accidents and more than 275,000 sustain serious injuries. The truth is the average person associates drinking with celebration, relaxation, and having fun. This makes it difficult for many people who develop a dependency on alcohol to recognize or even accept that they need treatment for alcohol abuse.

Signs of alcohol abuse:

  • When you consume a high volume of alcohol every day
  • If alcohol is affecting your work, relationships and health
  • If people have told you that you have a drinking problem
  • You engage in risky behavior while drunk such as driving or fighting
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you do not drink
  • You try to hide your alcohol so that no one will know how much you are drinking

When an alcoholic finally admits that they have a problem it is a major breakthrough. It marks the beginning of a new stage in the life of that person, and is certainly a hopeful time for loved ones. Even so, it is important that steps be taken to get into an alcoholism treatment program as soon as possible. This time can be fraught with uncertainty if there is no specific plan in place to stop alcohol abuse. Many times an alcoholic will not follow through on treatment because it demands discipline to identify a program or attend meetings. At the same time the dependency on alcohol continues and so does the abuse.

Alcohol Withdrawal Risks

On the other hand, if the alcoholic is determined to stop, and believes they can do it on their own, this may put them at risk of dangerous, and even deadly, withdrawal symptoms. Sadly, despite their noble efforts, some who have made this faulty assumption have died in the process. So, before you decide to go cold turkey, be aware of the many dangers associated with sudden halting of habitual alcohol use.

The symptoms most associated with alcohol withdrawal include tremors, vomiting, convulsions, elevated blood pressure and high body temperature. All of these symptoms are extremely hard on the body and may require medical treatment.

Alcohol Treatment Options

Alcohol rehab treatment centers provide various options. Bayonne Drug Rehab centers offer successful medical detoxification programs for alcoholics on an inpatient or outpatient basis. An inpatient program is usually most helpful to individuals who have tried to get sober in the past, but have relapsed. For those who are functioning alcoholics, whose lifestyle may not allow for a residential arrangement at this time, outpatient services may prove to be ideal.

Whichever option is chosen, it is important to recognize that detoxification is only the first step on the journey to addiction recovery. Rehabilitation incorporates both traditional and holistic treatment protocols that are most effective when the participants are invested in their own recovery process. Alcoholism is a chronic disease that will require an integration of treatment modalities to be effective. Treatment plans at Bayonne Drug Rehab centers include the identification of any underlying issues that may have contributed to the abuse. Caring specialists are interested in treating the individual, not just the addiction. For this reason, they conduct a careful assessment of the individual to pinpoint co-occurring disorders and triggers, as well as, strengths and weaknesses in order to design a realistic recovery plan that works.

Alcohol addiction can have deadly consequences. Contact Bayonne Drug Rehab at (201) 620-9157 for more information about solutions to your alcohol addiction problem.

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