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Symptoms of withdrawal are the primary reason that medical detox is so important. The dangers of trying to detox alone have been heralded time and again. Some people who take the "cold turkey" approach do fine, while others may end up with serious health complications or die in the attempt. This is why medical detox is necessary. . Bayonne drug rehab provides medical detox for people trying to stop drug or alcohol abuse.

There are addicts who have never tried to completely detox, and therefore, have no measure as to what withdrawal symptoms would be like for them. Withdrawal symptoms can be fatal. Bayonne Drug Rehab can help you find programs that provide a safe medical detox in a comfortable environment. (201) 620-9157

Who Needs It?

The one thing that is certain about a detoxification procedure is that it is unpredictable Some have attempted to detox on their own and have returned to drug use due to the severity of the side effects associated with withdrawal. As a result, there are usually mixed emotions when it comes to the detox process. Some individuals experience mild symptoms even after long-term drug use while other, less seasoned addicts, have suffered life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Doctors usually recommend medical supervision for cessation from habitual drug or alcohol abuse.

Although detox from some drugs may not require medical supervision, this is best determined by an addiction specialist after the patient has undergone a thorough assessment. There are also some specific indicators as to who would be best served by a medically supervised detoxification procedure and who will be most at risk without it. These include...

  • People addicted to alcohol.
  • Addictions to more than one type of substance.
  • Drug that develop rapid dependency such as Heroin, Methadone, OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax, Hydrocodone and Percodan.

Withdrawing from these drugs is known to cause serious complications during detox. When they occur without proper supervision or the proper medical treatment, some have even caused fatalities.

Potentially Fatal Symptoms

Alcohol detox can be extremely risky if done alone. A condition known as "Delirium Tremens" is known for causing numerous withdrawal deaths. Symptoms that occur when halting drug use can also include seizures, mental confusion, pulmonary complications and cardiac arrest. These are all conditions that would benefit from medical intervention because they require not only treatment, but the proper equipment to facilitate treatment. For these reasons, medical detox is a critical component in the detoxification process.

How Medical Detox Works

In a medical detox facility the patient is first evaluated to determine the care needs that are specific to them. Once it is determined that a detox is necessary, the process occurs in a safe and comfortable environment. For the duration of the process, a medical team works around the clock to carefully monitor vital signs and symptoms as they develop. In cases where the addict is in extreme distress, a medical professional may recommend the administration of medication to provide relief, increase stability and prevent further complications.

Treatment at this time may also include other techniques such as biofeedback, medical massage and music therapy to enhance comfort and relaxation. The primary goal of any detox process is to protect the health and well-being of the client and enable a successful transition from habitual drug use. Medical detox is the first phase of the rehabilitation process. The sooner the addict stabilizes from drug withdrawals, the quicker they can begin to participate in their own recovery.

Don't risk your life with a do-it-yourself detox. Call Bayonne Drug Rehab for information on facilities that have the tools, experience and the medical equipment necessary to facilitate a safe, successful medical detox. Call us today at (201) 620-9157.

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