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Drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting takes more than strong will and good intentions. Substances such as methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth, can change the brain in ways that foster abuse. Meth rehabilitation programs provides the aggressive care regimen necessary to conquer this disease, aids in the detoxification process, and prevents relapse. Meth rehabilitation is for those who are committed to making the life-changing decision to better themselves and beat the addiction. Rehab programs for meth abuse not only address the drug user's physical and emotion pain, but can aid in mending their relationships with loved ones as well. When considering a meth rehabilitation facility, it is important to keep the user's unique needs in mind. The management of mental and physical symptoms cause by methamphetamine abuse requires skilled medical professionals and in-depth treatment. Call Bayonne Meth Rehabilitation Facility today for information on treatment options for your addiction! (201) 620-9157

What Is Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive substance that is considered extremely dangerous due to its wide availability, ease of use, and ability for it to be manufactured with common household items. The stimulant comes in two forms – crystalized and powdered, and both produce similar effects in users. There are many street names for this drug. Some of these include "speed", "chalk", "methamphetamine hydrochloride", "ice crystal", "glass", and "Tina". Meth is sought out for the false sense of well-being and happiness it provides drug users when they are under the influence.

Crystal Meth Abuse

This drug is appealing to users because, shortly after administration, it increases the body's metabolism, produces feelings of euphoria, increases alertness and gives the user a sense of increased energy. These initial effects cause the user to crave more of the dangerous substance, and these seemingly positive symptoms are replaced with irritability, aggressive behavior, anxiety, paranoia and even auditory hallucinations. Meth addicts often have dramatic mood swings as the cravings increase. Additional physical symptoms include trembling and shaking, nausea and vomiting, insomnia, open sores, hair loss, decreased blood flow through the body's tissues, liver damage and rise in body temperature.

Effects of Meth Addiction

The effects of methamphetamine addiction can impact every aspect of the user's life. The short-term physical and mental changes can cause lasting behavioral and psychological issues. People with a compulsive desire for the drug will go to drastic measures to seek it out. This commonly leads to financial and legal problems, dangerous behavior, a binge/crash, social isolation and impulsivity. Many serious users are in a constant state of nervousness, have disorganized thoughts and may experience intense hallucinations, in which they imagine bugs crawling underneath the skin. A meth addict's appearance can also drastically change. Tooth loss and facial scarring are not uncommon. The body's inability to repair damaged tissue can change a user's appearance permanently.

Withdrawal and Treatment

The drug's highly addictive nature makes withdrawal difficult for the user. Methamphetamine withdrawal is an unpleasant process, and should occur in a proper rehab facility under the care of experienced medical professionals. The detox process can save a user's life, but can initially cause intense feelings of depression, anxiety, decreased energy, night sweats, insomnia and possible suicidal thoughts. The right rehab program can ease the uncomfortable nature of methamphetamine withdrawal and prevent relapse. Treatment for meth abuse must meet the demands of the addiction, and research has shown that recovering meth addicts require a more intense program when compared to other drugs. The goal of treatment is to help the addict cope with their cravings and prevent relapses. Individual and small group approaches, in addition to the aid of skilled medical professionals, will increase self-awareness and prevent the disease from reoccurring. Treatment encourages users to see beyond the immediate positive effects of drugs and relate them with the unavoidable negative consequences. These programs encourage a lifetime of goal-setting, facilitating a cleanse of the mind and body and a freedom from addiction.

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